NPRT - IS-H: Preregistration Type
NFAL - IS-H: Cases
NLEI - IS-H: Services Performed
NBEW - IS-H: Movements for Case
NPAT - IS-H: Patient Master Data (General)
NDOC - IS-H: Assignment of IS-H Objects to Documents in DMS
NAPP - IS-H: Provisional appointments for visit planning
NTMN - IS-H: Patient-Specific Appointments (Header Table for NAPP)
NAMB - IS-H: Request for Medical Grounds
NDIA - IS-H: Diagnoses
NSHIFT - IS-H: Results of Case Revision
NFPZ - IS-H: Assignment of a case to a person
TNICPM - IS-H: ICPM structure - Delivery of ICPM catalog
N1CUSTOMER_TYPES - IS-H*MED: Customer-Specific Class IDs
TNKVK - IS-H: Define Terminal For Import HC Smart Card

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