IS-M General tables

A476 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus
C300 - IS-M/AM: Cust Grp/Service Type/Account Key
A200 - IS-PAM: COA Standing: Booking Unit/Content Component/COA UM
A386 - Sales Org./Dist.Chl./Division/Sold-To Pty
JHAGA - IS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media Billing Dataset
C303 - IS-M: Account Key Only
JHAK - IS-M/AM: Order-Publishing-Media (Header Data)
JFRP - IS-M/SD: Billing Document - Item Data
A250 - IS-M: SOrg/DstChann/Division/Service
C301 - IS-M: Service Type/Account Key
JKAP - Sales Order - Item Data
A480 - IS-M/SD: Deliverer Settlement - District Flat Rate
JGTSADR - IS-M: Extended Adress Management
A210 - IS-M: Commission/Bonus for Media Sales Agent Contract
A263 - IS-M: DelCtry/Mat.Tax Class.
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Full list of SAP IS-M General tables

Master Data tables IS-M-MD

JGTSADR - IS-M: Extended Adress Management
JSTSTRUPDA - IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrading Table JSTSTRPRO
JGTBP00 - IS-M: Business Partner Master Data (General Data)
JST_OTL_STATE - Status of CDT Checks
JSTSTRPRO - IS-M/SD: Street File (Post)
JSTBEZBEZ - IS-M/SD: Assgmt Table for Carrier Route-Carrier Route Assgmt
JSTGEOBEZ - IS-M/SD: Assignment of Carrier Routes to Geographical Units
JSTGEOHIE - IS-M/SD: Geographical Hierarchy
JSTGEOORG - IS-M/SD: Assignment of Geographical to Organizational Units
JSTGEOPST - IS-M/SD: Assignments of Geographical to Postal Units
JSTORGHIE - IS-M/SD: Organizational Plan Hierarchy
JGTADRA - IS-M: Business Partner-Address Assignment (Time-Dependent)
JGTGPNR - IS-M: Central Business Partner Table
JSTORTUPDA - IS-M/SD: Table for Upgrade of Table JSTORTPRO
JSTROUPVA - IS-M/SD: Truck Route-Publication/Edition Assignment
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Full list of SAP IS-M Master Data tables IS-M-MD

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