LIPSO2 - Appendix for Delivery Note Additional Quantities
MSEGO2 - Material Document Quantities in Additional Units of Measure
MSEGO1 - Quantity Conversion Parameters for Material Documents
OIB_TANKDIP - Silo management tank strapping history
OIB_USERPARAM - HPM user parameter/defaults/favorites
MARDO1 - Appendix for Storage Location Additional Quantities
MSKAO1 - Special Stocks Appendix: Additional Quantities
MKOLO1 - Special stocks from vendor additional quantity appendix
OIB02 - Conversion Mode (Old Transactions)
OIB05 - Oil unit of measure groups
MARCO1 - Appendix for Additional Quantities at Plant Level
MSKAHO1 - MSKAH: Additional quantities appendix
TVPODO2 - Proof of delivery - Oil additional quantities
MSKUHO1 - MSKUH: Additional quantities appendix
MSLBO1 - Appendix for Special Stocks with Vendors: Add. Quantities

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