C410 - Chart of accts / Account key - acct assign for ED rev
OIHL - License Master Data
OIH03 - Excise duty posting control
A423 - Customer Specific Tax (FOB)
A434 - Incoterms / Material group 2 - Federal
A424 - Exception for States (FOB)
A433 - Customer Specific Tax (FOB) - Federal
OIH_MIGO_HTDP - Store the TDP-GOITEM for MIGOs hold/restore feature
A443 - Red Rate Exc Duty Comp/Plant/Tax Group/Handling Type
A444 - Two-step transfer with tracking sign
OIH01 - Excise Duty Rates Table
OIH_J1B_T001W - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_OIH_J1B_VTYP - Generated Table for View V_OIH_J1B_VTYP
A425 - State Tax FOB
OIH07 - TDP allowed combinations of ED Group and Handling Type

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