VTRKH - Tracking Data - Header
VLBL - Express Delivery Company's Data Field
VTRKP - Tracking Data - Item
VXSIPS - Packing Station
VXSIPT - Express Delivery Company: Product Code Description
VXSIQT - Small Parcel Carrier: Descr. of Qualifier for Ext. Comm.
VXSITDLT - Small Parcel Carrier: Data Field (Type Description)
VXSITDT - Express Delivery Company: Description
VXSITST - Small Parcel Carrier: Service Codes Description
VXTRKST - Tracking Status Details
VRTCP - Routing Info per Carrier/Country/Zip Code
CMCONNECT - Setup of Continuous Moves
VXSITDU - Express Delivery Company: URLs
V_VTRK_D2_S - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
V_VXVBTYP - Generated Table for View V_VXVBTYP

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