PA-BN General tables

PA0167 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0167 (Health Plans)
PA0169 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0169 (Savings Plan)
T5UCA - Benefit plan texts
PA0171 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0171 (Gen. Benefits Information)
PA0168 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0168 (Insurance Plans)
PA0170 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0170 (Flexible Spending Accounts)
T5UBA - Benefit plan
V_5UBA_WT - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
PA0378 - HR Master Data Record: Infotype 0378 (Benefit Adj. Reason)
T5UBI - Benefit cost rule
V_74FH_C - Generated Table for View V_74FH_C
T5UB3 - Benefit area
V_T74HA - Generated Table for View V_T74HA
T5UD3 - Benefit area currency
T74HA - Benefit adjustment reason
..... - ..................................

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Claims Processing (Asia) tables PA-BN-CL

T7XAST - Claims processing transaction table
T7XASG - Claims processing Balance table
V_T7XAS0 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
T7XASA - Dependent Cover for Claims
T7XASB - Dependent Cover Texts
V_T7XASC - Generated Table for View V_T7XASC

Employee Self-Service tables PA-BN-ES

V_5UB3_ESS_1 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View

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