S115 - Cost Evaluation
S061 - Location and planning
S070 - Breakdown Statistics
S062 - Object class and manufacturer
MCIPMIS - PMIS: Master data characteristics for PMIS before image
S065 - Object statistics
S063 - Damage Analysis 30 .
S205 - MAP: Store Planning Movements
S064 - Single object - damage analysis
PMCO2 - Cost structure: Job key figures (PMIS)
S205E - S205 - Structure Information
PMCOCKF - Cost/Quantity structure: Customer-specific key figs (PMIS)
PMMRCKF - IMG: Assign QUAN Fields to UNIT Fields
PMMRCKFA - IMG: Update PMIS Measurement Document: Assignments and Units
PMMRCKFB - IMG: Consumption Key Figures in PMIS: Function and Arguments