Project Management tables PPM-PRO

DPR_PROJECT - Project Definition
DPR_CONF_LI - Project Management Confirmation: Line Item
DPR_PART - Project Participants
DPR_TASK - Tasks
DPR_DASHBOARD - Dashboard Data for Project
DPR_ENTITY_LINK - Role Assignments
DPR_CHECKLIST_I - Checklist Items
DPR_OBJLINK - Object Link
DPR_CHECKLIST_H - Checklist Header
DPR_RATES - Customizing: Cost/Revenue Rates for Project Roles
DPR_PART_DIST - Distribute Required Capacity to Project Role
DPR_RATES_MAP - Customizing: Validity/Details of Cost/Revenue Rates
DPR_BUPA_LINK - Role-Business Partner Links
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PPM Project Management tables PPM-PRO

Portfolio Management tables PPM-PFM

RPM_FIDATA - Financial Information
RPM_OBJ_LINK - Object link data storage
RPM_OBL_OBTYP - Project Object Link Type
RPM_SET_NAME_T - Settings name text
RPM_AREA_T - RPM Area Text
RPM_PAGE_ID_T - Project Info:Portal Page Id Text
RPM_POOL_ASSIGN - RPM resource pool assignment
RPM_PROJ_STGRP - Project Staffing Status Group
V_RPM_SET_VAL_C - Generated Table for View
RPM_PROJ_CAT_T - Project Category

Product Data Replication tables PLM-PPM-RPL

CRWBD_BATCH_JOBS - Table for identification of the job
CRWB_BADI_INITWF - Mapping Initial Order ID to Workflow ID
CIBASE2UPS - Customizing: Transport IBASE fields into UPS fields
CRWB_BADICHG2UPS - Customizing: Transport IBASE fields into UPS fields
CRWB_BADIREC2UPS - Determination of Recipient-Dependent Packet Types from UPS
CRWB_BADI_BL2UPS - UPS Entries for Baseline (Workflow Dependent)

Common Functions tables PPM-CF

INM_INITIATIVE - Initiative Master Table
INM_NAV_CTX - INM Navigation Context
INM_NAV_INF_W - INM Navigation Information
INM_NAV_CTX_W - INM Navigation Context Workcenter
INM_M_OBJ_MET_VA - Metrics Values
INM_OF_FCAT - Field catalog information
V_INM_OF_FCAT - Generated Table for View
V_INM_NAV_CTX - Generated Table for View
INM_DFM_RFC_CFG - Configuration table for RFC calls in DFM sync framework

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