DPR_PART - Project Participants
DPR_ENTITY_LINK - Role Assignments
DPR_PART_DIST - Distribute Required Capacity to Project Role
DPR_BUPA_LINK - Role-Business Partner Links
RPM_BUPA_AVL - Resource Availability
RPM_BUPA_LOCAT - Resource assignment to a location
DPR_BUPA_DIST - Distribute Required Capacity of a Business Partner Link
DPR_BUPA_FAVO - List of Favorites (Business Partner)
DPR_SKILL - Qualification Requirements
DPR_PART_ROLE - Customizing: Roles
DPR_DIST_VAL - Make Settings for Distribution
DPR_ROLE_FUNC_T - Customizing: Texts for Role Functions
DPR_ROLE_FUNC - Customizing: Role Functions
DPR_PART_ROLE_T - Customizing: Project Roles
DPR_PART_ROLE_PR - Project Participant Roles

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