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Funds Management tables PSM-FM

Table Description
FMLA Layout Variant
FMBDT FM budget totals table
FMAVCT AVC Summary Table (BCS)
FMBDP FM Budget change line items table
BUKF_FG Key Figures - Field group
BUKF_FG_FIELD Key Figures - Fields of field group
BUKF_FG_T Key Figures - Text for Field Group
FMBH Funds management budget header (entry documents)
FMBL Funds management budget document lines (entry documents)
FMBASOBJNR Object numbers for FM addresses
FM01X Managing Preliminary Developments
FMMEASURE FM Funded Program Master Data
FMDERIVE007 Derivation rule:WBS Element to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fun
FMUSFGA Actual line item table for US Federal Government
FMDERIVE001 Derivation rule:Cost Element to Commitment Item
..... ..................................
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Fund Accounting tables PSM-FA

Table Description
FMGLFLEXT General Ledger Public Sector: Total
FMGLFLEXA General Ledger: Actual Line Items
FMGLFLEXP General Ledger: Plan Line Items
FMPP_CONTROL Partial Payment per G/L Account Assignments: Control Table
FMGLFLEX00 General ledger: Transaction attributes
FMGLFLEX01 General ledger: Technical fields
FMGLFLEX02 General ledger: Main account assignment
FMGLFLEX03 General ledger: SAP additional account assignment
FMGLFLEX04 General ledger: Customer additional account assignment
FMGLFLEX05 General Ledger: Additional Acct Assignment: Customer 2
FMGLFLEX06 General ledger: Sender SAP additional account assignment
FMGLFLEX07 General Ledger: Reserve Table 1
FMGLFLEX08 General Ledger: Reserve Table 2

Functions for U.S. Federal Government tables PSM-FG

Table Description
V_FM043U Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
FMUSFG_GWA_ACTIO Reporter Category Actions
FMUSFG_GWA_ELIGI Target System Eligibility
FMUSFG_GWA_RCVAL Reporter Category Validity
FMFGKEY96 Key for FACTS - Attributes for Ledger 96/FMUSFGFACTS1T
FMFGT_ALC_GWA Assign. of Business Act. Type and Reporter Category to ALC
FMFGT_SS04 Payment Statistical Sampling Proc. Batch/certify Dates
T023G Activate company code dependent U.S. Federal functionality
FMFGKEY Key for Facts-Attributes for Ledger 95/FMUSFGT
FMFGKEY97 Key for FACTS - Attributes for Ledger 97/FMUSFGFACTS2T
FMFG_LFACCR Vendor Master Central Contractor Registry (CCR)
FMFG_ABP Parameters for Automatic Budget Postings Functionality
FMFG_PPA_INV_LN Reason Codes for Accounting Documents (Item Level)
CATT_DOCS CATT recording documents
..... ..................................
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Expenditure Certification tables PSM-EC

Table Description
FMEUFEXP Certified Expenditure Documents
FMEUFRUN Certification Run Parameter

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