PT General tables

PA2001 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2001 (Absences)
TEVEN - Time Events
V_T559L - Generated Table for View V_T559L
PA2006 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2006 (Absence Quotas)
T554C - Absence Valuation
PA2002 - HR Time Record: Infotype 2002 (Attendances)
T556C - Counting Rule for Attendances and Absences
T510S - Time Wage Type Selection
T559L - Automatic Absence Quota Generation
T555Y - Processing Type/Time Type According to Att./Absence Class
T554S - Attendance and Absence Types
T552A - Monthly Work Schedule
PA0007 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0007 (Planned Working Time)
PTREQ_HEADER - Request Header
T508A - Work Schedule Rules
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Full list of SAP PT General tables

Basic Data tables QM-PT-BD

QPCT - Code texts
QMAT - Inspection type - material parameters
QPMK - Inspection characteristic master
QPCD - Inspection catalog codes
QPGT - Code group texts
QPAC - Inspection catalog codes for selected sets
QDPS - Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule
QPMT - Master Inspection Characteristics Texts
TQ15 - Inspection catalog type index
QPGR - Inspection catalog code groups
QPAM - Inspection catalog selected sets
QPMZ - Assignment table - insp. methods/master insp. characteristic
TQ17 - Defect classes
QMTT - Inspection Method Texts
QDSV - Sampling procedure
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Full list of SAP PT Basic Data tables QM-PT-BD

Inspection Planning tables QM-PT-IP

PLMK - Inspection plan characteristics
PLMW - MAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan)
QMSP - QM: material specification
TQ75F - Field names for QM formulas
TQ29A - Dependency tolerance key - nominal measurement
TQ72 - Type of share calculation
TQ72T - Texts for type of share calculation
TQ75 - QM formula parameters
TQ75K - Short text for Table TQ75F
TQ75T - Description of formula parameters

Interest/Charge Calculation tables IS-B-BCA-PT-IC

BKKMREPCURR - Data for End of Day Processing Reports
BKKMREPORTS - Data for End of Day Processing Reports
BKKMAPPLDATA - Application Parameter for Parallel Process. (Cluster Table)
BKKMPARUNKEYS - Key Issue for Processes in Parallel Processing
BKKMREPCURRHD - Header Data on End of Day Processing Reports
BKKMDISPOBJECTS - Objects in Parallel Processing
BKKM1 - BCA: Bank Statement Data
BKKM3 - BCA: Parameters for Mass Runs in Parallel Processing
BKKMACCUNR - Blocked Objects of a Mass Run
BKKM2 - Account Time Periods
BKKM4 - BCA: Job Table for Parallel Processing of Acct. Balancings
BKKM5 - BCA: Periods of Account Balancing to be Calculated (New)
BKKMBALNOT - BCA: Balance Notification Data
BKKMDISPHD - Header Data for Dispatcher
BKKMDISPINTERV - Interval Data for Parallel Processing
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Full list of SAP PT Interest/Charge Calculation tables IS-B-BCA-PT-IC

Talent Management tables CA-EPT-TM

HRP7405 - Accomplishments
HRP7409 - DB Table for Infotype 7409
T77TMCCAREERLV - Levels of Career Types
T77TMCCAREERLVT - Names of Levels of Career Types
HRP7404 - Education
HRP7408 - DB Table for Infotype 7408
HRP7406 - Mobility
HRP7420 - DB Table for Infotype 7420
HRP7402 - Internal Work Experience
HRP7410 - DB Table for Infotype 7410
HRP7403 - External Work Experience
HRP7430 - Responsibles
V_T77TMCAESFIELD - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
HRP7407 - Career Goal
HRPAD740 - Additional Data for Relationship 'Is Successor Of'
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Talent Management tables CA-EPT-TM

Automatic Payments tables FI-BL-PT-AP

PAYRQ - Payment Requests
T042Y - Account Determination for Bank to Bank Payments
FDZA - Cash Management line items in payment requests
F111G - Global Settings: Payment Program for Payment Requests
TBKPV - Time Between Payment Run and Value Date at House Bank
TBKFK - Factory Calendar Identification Using Currency
TBKDC - Day Difference betw. House Bank and Beneficiary Value Dates
V_TBKDC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
T036R - Payment Request Levels
F111PARAM_MODIFY - Note whether RF_F111_PARAMETERS_MODIFY_ONCE has already run
T018V - Acct Transfer: Determine Receiving Bank's Clearing Account
V_T042Y - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View

Shift Planning tables PT-SP

T77ED - Shift Planning: Definition of Shifts
HRP1040 - Database Table for Infotype 1040
T77EHT - Shift Planning: Proposal Lists for T77EH Text Table
T77EIT - Text Table for T77EI (Info Column for Shift Planning)
T77RQ_ICON_T - Icon Settings for Requirements Matchup - Status Text
T77SP_CDT - Shift Planning: Names for Abbreviation Sequence Rules
HRPADUZ - PADUZ Additional Data: Requirements Assignment of Persons
HRP1039 - Database Table for Infotype 1039
HRP1046 - Database Table for Infotype 1046
HRP1049 - Database Tables for Infotype 1049
HRPAD63 - PAD63 Additional Data
HRPADTI - PADTI Additional Data
HRSPPS_AVAIL - Shift Abbreviations for Availability Duties
HRSP_POOL_RQSTNS - Resource Procurement (Without Strings)
V_T77ED - Generated Table for View V_T77ED
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Shift Planning tables PT-SP

G/L transfer tables IS-B-BCA-PT-GLP

BKKCVA - Administration Table Individual Value Adjustment
BKKCNOITGL - Table of Items not Updated on the Account
BKKITGL - Gen. Ledger: Payment Item Data
BKKC12 - Gen. Ledger: New Balances for Bal. Sheet Preparation
BKKC30 - Gen. Ledger: Log for Transfer Postings (Bal.Sh.Prep., etc.)
BKKC01 - Gen.Ledger: Reconciliation Key Accounting Documents
BKKC02 - General Ledger: Posting Totals for FI
BKKC11 - Gen. Ledger: BCA Balances per GL Transac. for Bal.Sh.Prep.
BKKC01C - Gen.Ledger: Commitments Reconciliation Key Acctg. Documents
BKKC03 - Gen.Ledger: Assignment Process-><reconciliation Key
BKKC10 - Gen. Ledger: Balances in FI per BCA Cust.Acct. / Bal.Sh.Prep
BKKC12_ITEM - GL: New Balances for Balance Sheet Preparation (Items)
BKKC13 - Gen.Ledger: Changes GL Fields in Account Master
BKKC20 - Last Balance Sheet Preparation
BKKC20_BPRUN - Table that Saves Currently Running Balance Sheet Preparation
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT G/L transfer tables IS-B-BCA-PT-GLP

Suite Inbox tables CA-EPT-IBO

IBO_C_WF_ACS - Actions of Inbox
IBO_C_WF_TAS - Tasks for Inbox Configuration
IBO_C_WF_TA_P_SC - Association of Workflow Task ID to POWL Type (Show)
IBO_V_WF_TTAC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_V_WF_TAC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_C_WF_APS - List of properties for actions
IBO_C_WF_TTAS - list of actions allowed per task
IBO_V_WF_ACC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_V_WF_APC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_V_WF_CAC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_V_WF_IRA - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IBO_D_WF_040 - persistency for workflow substitute
IBO_C_WF_APC - List of properties for actions
IBO_C_BE_SYST - Connected Back-End Systems for Inbox

Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes tables CA-EPT-POC

POC_C_KPI_CTG - KPI: Category
POC_C_KPI_CTGD - KPI Category definition
POC_C_KPI_CTGD_T - KPI category definition - Text table
POC_C_KPI_DURA - KPI: Duration
POC_C_PRC_KPI - KPI / Metrics Engine
POC_C_PRC_KPI_T - Process KPI Description
POC_C_PRC_STAT - Process Definition: Process Status
POC_C_PRC_STAT_T - Process Definition: Process Status Description
POC_C_PROCESS - Process Header
POC_C_PROCESS_T - Process Definition: Process Definition Name
POC_C_PROC_ACTIV - Process Definition: Active Definitions
POC_C_PROC_LOG - Process Definition: Process Log Level
POC_C_PROC_STEP - Process Definition: Activities
POC_C_PROC_VERSN - Process Definition: Version
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP PT Process Orchestration for Built-In Processes tables CA-EPT-POC

Remote Control and Communication Framework tables CA-EPT-RCC

RCCD_ENG_LOG - Log Table for Engine Runs

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