EIPO - Foreign Trade: Export/Import: Item Data
EIKP - Foreign Trade: Export/Import Header Data
AKKP - Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master - Header Data
ECCN - Legal Control: Foreign Percentages
A310 - Duty Rate Customs Exemption: Importing Ctry/Code/Material
EMBK - Legal Control: License Master - Header Data
A300 - Statistical Value of Subcontracting Components
T604 - Foreign Trade: Commodity Code / Import Code Number
VBEX - SD Document: Export Control: Data at Item Level
VEIAV - INTRASTAT Receipt/Dispatch
A320 - Third country Duties: Import ctry/Code/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry
A330 - Preferential Cust.Duties: Imp.ctry/Orig.ctry/Ship.ctry/Matl
A301 - Info Record Type and Incoterms
A315 - Cust.Duty Anti-dumping: Import/Code/Orig.ctry/Manu./Exp./Mat
A321 - Third Country Duty Rate: Import Country/Code

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