SV General tables

BCOS_CUST - Create Messages: Customizing
SACONT01 - SDOK: Table for document contents (import/export)
DVS1NODE - Node Table for General Structure Storage
DVS1LOIO - KEN: Instances of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LORE - KEN: Outgoing Links of Logical Information Objects
DVS1LORI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects
DVS1PHHR - KW: Outgoing Hyperlinks from Physical Objects
DVS1PHIO - KW: Instances of Physical Information Objects
DVS1PHNM - KW: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects
DVS1PHRE - KW: Outgoing Links of Physical Information Objects
DVS1PHRI - KW: Incoming Links of Physical Information Objects
BDLCTEXT - Defines the available context for each group ID
DVS1IDXSTA - SDOK: Status Table for Indexing Documents: IWB1
DVS1LOPR - KEN: Attributes of Logical Information Objects
DVS1NODER - General Structure Storage References
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP SV General tables

ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) tables SV-ASA

SASACONT1 - ASAP: Table for Document Content (Import/Export)
SQADB01 - Questions
V_DD02L - Generated Table for View V_DD02L
SSUBJECT - IA: Subject Areas for Roadmap
IATNODE01 - Node Table for Implementation Assistant
COMPVIEW - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
IATNODE01T - Node Names for Implementation Assistant
SQADB01T - Question short text
SATTUSE_V - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
SMAPPR0_V0 - Generated Table for View SMAPPR0_V0
SQADB01V - Generated Table for View SQADB01V
SQADB02CHV - Generated Table for View SQADB02CHV
SQADBCATV - Generated Table for View SQADBCATV
SQADBCONTV - Generated Table for View SQADBCONTV
SQADBCONV - Generated Table for View SQADBCONV
..... - ..................................

Full list of SAP SV ASAP (AcceleratedSAP) tables SV-ASA

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