TR General tables

ATIVO - Reference interest rate volatilities
ATRAS - Treasury Rates Table
AT15 - Treasury: Foreign exchange swap rates
VZZKOPO - Table condition items
ATVO0 - Volatilities - Definition of Volatility Name
ATVO4 - Volatilities - Master Data
TZPAT - Financial Assets Management product type texts
VWPANLA - Asset master for securities
VTIDERI - Master Data Listed Options and Futures
FLQITEMBS - Liquidity Calculation - Line Items for Bank Statement Docs
TZC37 - Financial Assets Management status definition
SANS1 - Address table
VZSORT - Sort values for object
FLQITEMFI - Liquidity Calculation - Line Items for Other FI Documents
TDO9 - Heritable Building Right Indicator for Collateral Objects
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Line Item Settlement of AUC tables FI-AA-AA-TR-SL

ANEKPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View

Cash Budget Management tables TR-CB

FM01CB - Cash Budget Management Update Control
FMCLHD - Cash Budget Management: Clearing Information for Posting
FMCLIT - Cash Budget Management: Clearing Lines for Posting

Transfer Postings tables FI-AA-AA-TR-TP

J_1AAFORMP - Assignment of document Form to movement reason AA waybills
J_1AAWAYBL - Way Bills for asset movements

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