SOSP_T_WF_INFO - Table to Maintain WF info for Applications
SOSP_V_WF_INFO - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
SOSP_T_WF_ID - Table to Maintain WF ID for Applications
SOSP_T_APPL_INFO - Application / Scenario Information
SOSP_V_APPL_CH - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View
SOSP_V_MAP_INFO - Generated Table for View SOSP_V_MAP_INFO
SOSP_V_MAP_OBJEC - Generated Table for View SOSP_V_MAP_OBJEC
SOSP_T_APPL_CH - Table to maintain API info for Applications
OSPW_V_MAP_INFO - Generated Table for View OSPW_V_MAP_INFO
SOSP_T_APPL_TEXT - Application Description
SOSP_T_BKTWFHIST - Table for maintaining the step history
SOSP_T_BKTWIHIST - Table for maintaining the step history
SOSP_T_BKT_PERFM - Book Keeping table for Performance
SOSP_T_MAPOBJ_T - Map Object Description
SOSP_T_MAP_INFO - Mapping Information

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