FMUSFG_GWA_ACTIO - Reporter Category Actions
FMUSFG_GWA_ELIGI - Target System Eligibility
FMUSFG_GWA_RCVAL - Reporter Category Validity
FMFGKEY96 - Key for FACTS - Attributes for Ledger 96/FMUSFGFACTS1T
FMFGT_ALC_GWA - Assign. of Business Act. Type and Reporter Category to ALC
FMFGKEY - Key for Facts-Attributes for Ledger 95/FMUSFGT
FMFGKEY97 - Key for FACTS - Attributes for Ledger 97/FMUSFGFACTS2T
FMFG_LFACCR - Vendor Master Central Contractor Registry (CCR)
FMFG_ABP - Parameters for Automatic Budget Postings Functionality
CATT_DOCS - CATT recording documents
FMCCRTUPDATES - CCR Vendor Update Table
FMCCRTVENDORPOC - CCR Vendor Points of Contact
FMFGBLAREA - Budgetary Ledger areas for US Federal extension
FMFGBLAREADOCTY - Document Type for BL postings in BL area
FMFGBLAREAFLD - Budgetary Ledger areas for US Federal extension
FMFGBLAREAT - Budgetary Ledger areas for US Federal extension
FMFGBLDRVAREAEAA - Derivation rule:Set Expended Appropriations - Actuals (EAA)
FMFGBLDRVAREAMR - Derivation rule:Set Miscellaneous Receipts - Actuals (MIR)
FMFGRLAYOUT - Reporting Layout for Federal Government
FMFGRLAYOUT_DEF - Definition for reporting layout
FMFGRLAYOUT_TEXT - Text table for reporting layout
FMFGYECLAA - US Federal Gov't : Y/E Pre-Closing of Anticipated Accounts
FMFG_ABP_HDR_DEF - ABP Budget Entry Document default attributes
FMFG_BL_YRCL - Customizing Budgetary Ledger Year End closing
FMFG_BUTYPE - Budgetary ledger Attributes of the budget type
FMFG_CCRFDDISP - CCR Fields to be "Display only" in Vendor Master Change
FMFG_DOCT_ADJ - Invoice Document types for adjustment delivered
FMFG_MM_PEND_CHG - Purchasing document changes requiring Notification approvl
FMFG_PRIOR_RPT - Table for Prior Reported Information
FMFG_PRIOR_RPTKF - Prior Reported Keyfigures
FMFG_USER_ADJ - Useer which correct reversals
FMFG_VEKPO - JFMIP: Pending PO Line Item Changes Table
FMFG_YE_FLG - Collect fields
FMFONDS - Cancelled Fund, Current Fund JFMIP
FMFONDST - Cancelled Fund, Current Fund
FMROHDR - FM Recurring Obligations - schedule header
FMROLINE - FM Recurring Obligations - schedule lines
FMROPOS - Recurring Obligation item amounts
FMSGLCLASS - Classification for SGL accounts
FMUSFG_TS - Treasury Subclasses
FMUSFG_TSA - Assign. of FI Doc Type/ Accnt/Fund to Treasury Subclass Code
TFMFG_MM_AACT - Document Type for Account Assignment Category

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