MPOS - Maintenance item PM - Maintenance Task Lists
LCINIT - Control Table for liveCache Initialization (Application) Basis - liveCache
IDOCREL - Links between IDoc and application object Basis - ALE Integration Technology
J_1I_EWT_RETURN - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View FI - Localization
V_T52E2 - Generated Table for View V_T52E2 Payroll - Data Transfer
CUSF - Customizing: Class/Config: Screendesigner Frame Cross Application - Characteristics
V_T52EM - Generated Table for View V_T52EM Payroll - Data Transfer
DPR_ENTITY_LINK - Role Assignments PPM - Resources
AD01DLISF - DI Flow: Totals Flow Project Systems - Revenues and Earnings
TCF02 - PRT categories PP - Production Resources/Tools
PSVR - Master alternative items Logistics - Bills of Material
CIFORDMAP - Mapping Table Order No. <-> apo-GUID (Plan/Prod. Orders) Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
QTVB - Product Allocation: Allocation used by Customer Order SD - Basic Functions
TCL_ATINN_IDENT - Identification Table for Characteristics for Data Transfer Cross Application - Classification
TCHTR - CHT: Change Trigger for PDM Data Cross Application - Actions After Master Data Changes
UPC_BW_AREA - Planning Areas of the BW Application BW - Business Planning and Simulation
CIF_IMAX - Maximum Vectors for Target System and Publishing Type Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
CIF_IMATP - Integration Model Reference Table for ATP Check Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
M_CRAMV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View PP - Work Center
ADFSH_PRTHEAD - Flight Scheduling: PRT Master records Product Lifecycle Management - Logbook
A887 - PaymentGRP/Bund Sub SD - Conditions
UPC_AREAM - Multi-Planning Areas BW - Business Planning and Simulation
CIFRFCDES - RFC Destinations for CIF Dialog Applications Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
RPM_POOL_ASSIGN - RPM resource pool assignment PPM - Portfolio Management
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