BPIJ - budget Object Index (Annual budget) FI - Funds Management
FMBDT - FM budget totals table PSM - Budgeting
FMBDP - FM budget change line items table PSM - Budgeting
FMBH - Funds management budget header (entry documents) PSM - Budgeting
TBP1C - budget/Plan Profile FI - Funds Management
FMBL - Funds management budget document lines (entry documents) PSM - Budgeting
TBP0L - budget/Planning Ledger FI - Funds Management
BPIG - budget Object Index (Overall budget) FI - Funds Management
TE633 - System Parameters for budget Billing Plan IS - Invoicing
TE509 - budget Billing Amount Control in Invoicing IS - Invoicing
TE004 - Document Number Assignment for budget Billing Plan IS - Invoicing
TE306 - budget Billing Procedures: Debit/Credit Indicators IS - Invoicing
BPTX - budgeting Text FI - Funds Management
GMBDGTHEADER - budget Document Header PSM - Budgeting and Availability Control
TBPFD - Cost budget Availability Control: Tolerance Limits FI - Funds Management
FMBDO - Object table 1 - budget address PSM - Budgeting
BTXLORE01 - budge_text: Outgoing Relations of Logical Information Object PSM - Budgeting
BTXLORI01 - budge_text: Incoming Relations of Logical Info Objects PSM - Budgeting
BTXPHHR01 - budge_text: Outgoing Hyperlinks From Physical Objects PSM - Budgeting
BTXPHNM01 - budge_text: Use of Target Anchors in Physical Objects PSM - Budgeting
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