RSECVAL_CL - Authorization Value Change (change log) BW - OLAP Technology
TREELOG - change log for table TREE (tree administration) Basis - Repository Browser
DFKKBICL - FI-CA Batch Input - Error change logs FI - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
WDR_ADP_CHNGLOG - change log of Web Dynpro Adapter Data Basis - Web Dynpro ABAP Rendering
RSECHIE_CL - Authorization Hierarchies Changes change log BW - OLAP Technology
RSECUSERAUTH_CL - BI AS Authorizations: Assignment of User Auth (change log) BW - OLAP Technology
UPS_CHANGELOG - change log for Status BW - Business Planning and Simulation
APB_LPD_TRANSLOG - Transports change logs to lpd for updating user version Basis - Launchpad
CPC_CMX_DB_LOG - XSteps: change log PP - Master Recipe
LCRT_CHANGELOG - AI-LCR: change log Basis - System Landscape Directory/Component Repository
CMX_XSR_DB_CLOG - XSteps: change log PP - Process Management
EHSBC_BUF_PROT - EHS-BAS: Object change log (see Documentation) Environment, Health and Safety - Basic Data and Tools
TSP0C - Spool: change log Basis - Print and Output Management
CDHDR - change document header Basis - Change Documents
PCL4 - HR Cluster 4 Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
DBTABLOG - log Records of Table changes Basis - DB-Independent Database Interface
RSTSODS - Operational Data Store for the transfer structure BW - Data Staging
V_T585B - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
V_T585A - Generated Table for View V_T585A Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
V_T585C - Generated Table for View V_T585C Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
RESB - Reservation/dependent requirements MM - Inventory Management
STPO - BOM item Logistics - Bills of Material
VBEP - Sales Document: Schedule Line Data SD - Sales
USR02 - logon Data (Kernel-Side Use) Basis - Authentication and SSO
MAST - Material to BOM Link Logistics - Bills of Material
AFAB - Network - Relationships Project Systems - Network and Activity
JEST - Individual Object Status Cross Application - General status management
APQI - Queue info definition Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
BDCP - change pointer Basis - ALE Integration Technology
APQD - DATA DEFINITION Queue Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
BDCP2 - Aggregated change Pointers (BDCP, BDCPS) Basis - ALE Integration Technology
BDCPS - change pointer: Status Basis - ALE Integration Technology
RSREQICODS - Monitor: Saving of the updated IC and ODS per request BW - Data Staging
BALHDR - Application log: log header Basis - Basis Application Log
T001B - Permitted Posting Periods FI - Financial Accounting
BDCPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Basis - ALE Integration Technology
ICON - Icons table Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
APQL - Batch Input log Directory Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
VBUV - Sales Document: Incompletion log SD - Sales
RSTSODSPART - Partitioning Information BW - Data Staging
USH04 - change history for authorizations Basis - User and Authorization Management
PA0025 - HR Master Record: Infotype 0025 (Appraisals) Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
USH02 - change history for logon data Basis - Authentication and SSO
KNVD - Customer master record sales request form FI - Basic Functions
KNVA - Customer Master Unloading Points Logistics - Customer Master
KNVL - Customer Master Licenses SD - Billing
KNAS - Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section) FI - Financial Accounting
DBTABPRT - Table of log records for table tupel changes Basis - ABAP Runtime Environment
RSPSADEL - Delete PSA request in batch BW - Data Staging
T77CDOC_CUST - Activate change Documents Basis - Organizational Management
USH12 - change history for authorization values Basis - User and Authorization Management
USH10 - change history for authorization profiles Basis - User and Authorization Management
T77CDOC - Management of change Doc. Object Class for Infotypes Basis - Organizational Management
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