AUSP - Characteristic Values Cross Application - Classes
CABN - Characteristic Cross Application - Characteristics
MCHA - Batches Logistics - Material Master
MCH1 - Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant) Logistics - Material Master
A002 - Country/Customer classification/Material classification SD - Conditions
CAWN - Characteristic values Cross Application - Characteristics
KLAH - Class Header Data Cross Application - Classes
KSSK - Allocation Table: Object to Class Cross Application - Classes
CTBW - Characteristics for DataSources Cross Application - Environment
INOB - Link between Internal Number and Object Cross Application - Classes
MLAN - Tax classification for Material Logistics - Material Master
A003 - Tax classification SD - Conditions
CAWNT - Value Texts Cross Application - Characteristics
CABNT - Characteristic Descriptions Cross Application - Characteristics
KSML - Characteristics of a Class Cross Application - Classes
A040 - Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material classification 1 SD - Conditions
A397 - Arg.: Tax relevant classification FI - Financial Accounting
A116 - Tax Exemption - Customer/Tax classification 2-Material SD - Conditions
EST0F - EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Transport classification Environment, Health and Safety - Product Safety
EST0D - EHS: Dangerous Goods Management - Risk classification Environment, Health and Safety - Product Safety
SWOR - classification System: Keywords Cross Application - Classes
CMTIB_CLFINT2EXT - classification conversion: internal ID to external key Logistics - Configuration management
CMTIB_FLBINT2EXT - classification conversion: internal ID to external key Logistics - Configuration management
CLBW_SOURCES - Data Sources for classification Data Cross Application - Environment
CLPROF - classification: Parameters for Settings Cross Application - Classes
CLAENNR - Change number-to-class alloc.: classification effectivity Cross Application - Classes
J_1ATXREL - Tax relevant classification SD - Billing
SPROXCLASS - UDDI classifications SAP, transportable, client independent Basis - Web Service Tools - ABAP
T5KTC - Wage Type Tax classifications (Canada) Payroll - Canada
T5KWB - classification groups assignment for WCB Payroll - Canada
T188 - Conditions: Groups for Customer classifications SD - Material Maintenance
T053S - classification of Payment Differences (Texts) FI - Financial Accounting
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