FMIOI - commitment documents Funds Management FI - Funds Management
FMCFSIO - FI-FM: Selected Open commitment documents FI - Funds Management
FMCFSIO_TR - FI-FM: Selected Open commitment documents FI - Funds Management
COOI - commitments Management: Line Items CO - Overhead Cost Orders
RKWA - Consignment Withdrawals MM - Invoice Verification
TCJ_DOCUMENTS - Cash Journal documents (Header Data) FI - G/L Account Posting
EIKP - Foreign Trade: Export/Import Header Data SD - Basic Functions
CHVW - Table CHVW for Batch Where-Used List MM - Inventory Management
KALC - Material Quantity Calculation - Formulas PP - Master Recipe
VBSEGS - document Segment for document Parking - G/L Account Database FI - Financial Accounting
DOST - document to BOM Link Logistics - Bills of Material
V_AUART - Generated Table for View V_AUART PM - Maintenance Orders
BLPK - document log header PP - Master Data
TREV - Field Status Variant for Funds Reservation FI - Funds Management
TJ01 - Business Transactions Cross Application - General status management
FMBDP - FM Budget change line items table PSM - Budgeting
FMCI - commitment items master data FI - Funds Management
ATLA - Limit Type IS - Default Risk and Limit System
FMBL - Funds management budget document lines (entry documents) PSM - Budgeting
T777O - Object Type Texts Basis - Organizational Management
FM01X - Managing Preliminary Developments PSM - Funds Management
GMSPPROGRAM - Sponsored program master PSM - Master Data
TCNDB - Profile: Database parameters in Project Info System Project Systems - Information System
VBKK - SD doc.Export Letter of Credit SD - Basic Functions
GMAUTHGRP - Grants Management: Authority Groups PSM - Master Data
GMFGC_1 - Obsolete - do not use PSM - Master Data
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