CSKA - cost elements (Data Dependent on Chart of Accounts) CO - Controlling
CSKB - cost elements (Data Dependent on Controlling Area) CO - Controlling
CSKU - cost element Texts CO - Controlling
COKA - CO Object: Control Data for cost elements CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
TPIK3 - Assignment Table: cost elements -> Value Categories Project Systems - Accounting
CSSK - Cost center /cost element CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
ANLK - Asset Origin by cost element Investment Management - Investment Orders
TKV11 - Target Cost Versions: cost element Group Assignment CO - Product Cost by Period
FMDERIVE001 - Derivation rule:cost element to Commitment Item PSM - Funds Management
TKZU1 - Overhead Base cost elements CO - Overhead Cost Orders
TKECRMC - CRM: Transfer of CRM cost element Group CO - Profitability Analysis
FMZUKA - Allocation of cost element to FM Account Assignment FI - Funds Management
EVCE - Progress: cost element Assignments Project Systems - Progress Analysis
FCOM_KSTAR - cost elements for Users Enterprise Portal - Business Package for Manager Self-Service (FI)
FERC_C10 - Special cost elements FI - Financial Accounting
FERC_C12 - cost element variants FI - Financial Accounting
FERC_C12T - cost element variant texts FI - Financial Accounting
FERC_C13 - Clearing cost element categories FI - Financial Accounting
FERC_C13A - cost element variant assignments FI - Financial Accounting
TIVTAXSCS_CZ - Tax Code for SSC Receivable Dependent on cost element (CZ) Real Estat - Real Estate Management
COEP - CO Object: Line Items (by Period) CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
COSP - CO Object: cost Totals for External Postings CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
COSS - CO Object: cost Totals for Internal Postings CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
SETLEAF - Values in Sets FI - Sets
PRPS - WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) element Master Data Project Systems - Operative Structures
SETHEADER - Set Header and Directory FI - Sets
SETNODE - Lower-level sets in sets FI - Sets
MBEW - Material Valuation Logistics - Material Master
AUFK - Order master data CO - Overhead Cost Orders
PLOGI - Table Index HRP* Basis - Organizational Management
CSKS - cost Center Master Data CO - Controlling
KEKO - Product costing - Header Data CO - Product Cost Planning
RSZELTDIR - Directory of the reporting component elements BW - End User Technology
RPSCO - Project info database: costs, revenues, finances Project Systems - Accounting
DD04L - Data elements Basis - Activation Program, Conversion Program, DB Utility, MC, SPDD
KEPH - Product costing: cost Components for cost of Goods Mfd CO - Product Cost Planning
COKL - CO Object: Control Data for Activity Types CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
A011 - Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif. SD - Conditions
CSLA - Activity master CO - Controlling
SETHEADERT - Short Description of Sets FI - Sets
BPEJ - Line Item Annual Values Controlling Obj. FI - Funds Management
COSL - CO Object: Activity Type Totals CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
BPPE - Totals Record for Period Values Controlling Obj. FI - Funds Management
CKHS - Header: Unit costing (Control + Totals) CO - Product Cost Planning
COKP - CO Object: Control Data for Primary Planning CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
COEJT - CO Object: Line Items for Prices (by Fiscal Year) CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
CKMLKEV - Material Ledger: cost Component Split (Control Record) CO - Actual Costing/Material Ledger
FMZUGR - Allocation of CO Group to FM Account Assignment FI - Funds Management
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