LIPS - SD document: delivery: Item data Logistics Execution - Shipping
LIKP - SD Document: delivery Header Data Logistics Execution - Shipping
WAEL - delivery Phases in Retail Promotion Logistics - Promotion
SER01 - Document Header for Serial Numbers for delivery Logistics - Serial Numbers
EKBZ - History per Purchasing Document: delivery Costs MM - Purchasing
S067 - Open deliveries/billing documents (KM) Logistics - Data Collection
A476 - IS-M/SD: deliverer Settlement - Public Holiday Bonus IS - SAP Media
VEPVG - delivery Due Index SD - Sales
TVLK - delivery Types Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
VARK - delivery Plan: Customer-Specific Itinerary Logistics Execution - Shipping
B012 - Sales Organization/delivery Type SD - Conditions
TROLZ - Routes: Determination in deliveries Logistics Execution - Transportation
VETVG - delivery Due Index for Stock Transfer SD - Basic Functions
VBLK - SD Document: delivery Note Header Logistics Execution - Shipping
ESERVICE - Point of delivery service IS - Intercompany Data Exchange
TVPOD - Sales Document: delivery: POD Data Logistics Execution - Shipping
VLKPA - SD Index: deliveries by Partner Functions Logistics Execution - Shipping
TVLS - deliveries: Blocking Reasons/Criteria Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
CWBDEHEAD - delivery event (release/Support Package) Basis - SAP Note Assistant
S261 - SD - delivery note Logistics - Data Collection
MWZDM07M2 - ZDM07M2 MM - Inventory Management
NC02 - IS-HCM Messages Ready-to-Send IS - Basic Data
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