FMAVCT - AVC Summary Table (BCS) PSM - Availability Control
FMAVC - is being deleted FI - Funds Management
FMAVCA - Actual line item table PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCP - Plan line items table PSM - Availability Control
FMAC - Assign Cashier Account PSM - Funds Management-Specific Postings
FMAVCC - Object table 2 PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCO - Object table 1 PSM - Availability Control
FMAPSTAT - FIFM: System Status for FIFM Acct Asst Objects FI - Funds Management
FMABS - Section PSM - Information system
FMABST - Section Text PSM - Information system
FMAC2 - FM to FI - GL Account Assignment PSM - Funds Management
FMACTDETL - Detailing of Commitment and Actual Data in Funds Management FI - Funds Management
FMACTDETLT - Texts for Commitment/Actual Detailing FI - Funds Management
FMACTIVPER - Activate Period Control Budgeting PSM - Budgeting
FMACTPOS - FIFM: List of Internal Item Numbers FI - Funds Management
FMADATE - Archiving Date PSM - Funds Management
FMALLOC - Distribution of Collective Budget Administration FI - Funds Management
FMAVCBUDFILTB - AVC filter settings for FM budget values: valid budget types PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCBUDFILTH - AVC filter settings for FM budget values: header entries PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCLDGRACT - Activation of availability ledger for Funds Management PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCLDGRATT - Attributes of Availability Control Ledger (Funds Management) PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCLDGRGAT - Year-Independent Attributes of Control Ledger (FM) PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCUPDFILTH - AVC Filter Settings for FM Posting Data: Header Entries PSM - Availability Control
FMAVCUPDFILTV - AVC Filter Settings for Posting Data: Excluded Value Types PSM - Availability Control
V_FMAVCLDGRATT - Generated Table for View V_fmaVCLDGRATT PSM - Availability Control
V_FMAVCLDGRGAT - Generated Table for View V_fmaVCLDGRGAT PSM - Availability Control
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