TFDIR - function module Basis - Syntax, Compiler, Runtime
ENLFDIR - Additional Attributes for function modules Basis - Function Builder
FUNCT - function module Short Texts Basis - Function Builder
FUPARAREF - Parameters of function modules Basis - Function Builder
TFTIT - function module Short Text Basis - Function Builder
VBMOD - Update function modules Basis - Client/Server Technology
BWAFMAPP - WAF: Mapping Method Name function module Basis - SAP NetWeaver Mobile - Use subcomponents
CRMC_BUT_CALL_FU - Determining function modules for Data Exchange: BP App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
TPS31 - Process BTE: Alternative function modules from SAP Cross Application - Basis-Related Help Functions, Appl. Log, Formula Intepreter
BASICS_PICKLIST - function modules for Offline Picklists Cross Application - Time Sheet
CATFC - CATT: Generated function module calls Basis - CATT Computer Aided Test Tool
COM_BUPA_CALL_FU - Determining function modules for Data Exchange: BP App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
TBD52 - function modules for inbound ALE-EDI Basis - ALE Integration Technology
RSPLF_FDIR - function modules in Formulas BW - Planning
TBD51 - Attributes of IDoc inbound function modules Basis - ALE Integration Technology
FREF - Reference function modules in programs Basis - Basis Services / Communication Interfaces
WWWFUNC - Release table for function modules in WebReporting Basis - WebRFC, Web Reporting
TOAEX - SAP ArchiveLink: function modules for Exits Basis - ArchiveLink
TDWSEXIT - Find Document: function module for User Exits Cross Application - Document Management System
TEJOB_CONTR - function modules for Application IS - Migration
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