S225 - goods receipts: repetitive manufacturing Logistics - Data Collection
J_1IGRXREF - goods receipt to Excise Invoice Coss Reference FI - Localization
SHP_IDX_GDRC - Inbound Deliveries: Not Posted for goods receipt Logistics Execution - Shipping
AFRP1 - Table of planned changes to conf.: Automatic goods receipt PP - Confirmations
S284 - goods receipts Repet. Man., BW Logistics - Logistics Information System (LIS)
BORGR_USR_GROUP - goods receipt Automotive: Groups for User Logistics - Goods Receipt Process
VLCGRECEIPT - VELO : Material Document / goods receipt IS - Vehicle Management System
J_1BIV04 - goods receipts Passed to Notas Fiscais via Inv. Verification FI - Localization
T437U - Control Table for Further Processing of goods receipts PP - Repetitive Manufacturing
SHP_IDX_ROGR - Rough goods receipts for Vendor Logistics Execution - Shipping
TWIC0100 - General Settings for SAP Retail Store goods receipt Logistics - SAP Retail Store
IMEXT - Enhancement Fields for goods receipt MM - Inventory Management
T158G - MMIM: Possible Codes for BAPI goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
EKEK - Header Data for Scheduling Agreement Releases MM - Purchasing
MASSEKPO - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Cross Application - Cross-Application Mass Maintenance
V_024 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - Basic Functions
EKEH - Scheduling Agreement Release Documentation MM - Purchasing
RBDRSEG - Batch IV: Invoice Document Items MM - Invoice Verification
SHP_IDX_GDSI - Outbound Deliveries: Not Posted for goods Issue Logistics Execution - Shipping
TVSA - SD Documents: Processing Groups SD - Basic Functions
QCPR - QM quality certificates in procurement QM - Quality Certificates
TVSTT - Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts SD - Account Determination
RBSELLIFS - Invoice receipt, Delivery Notes Selection MM - Invoice Verification
V_160MVL_SYS - Generated Table for View V_160MVL_SYS Logistics Execution - Shipping
MSEG - Document Segment: Material MM - Inventory Management
MKPF - Header: Material Document MM - Inventory Management
RESB - Reservation/dependent requirements MM - Inventory Management
AUFM - goods movements for order PM - Maintenance Orders
CATG - CATT: Basic Texts for Test procedure Basis - CATT Computer Aided Test Tool
RKPF - Document Header: Reservation MM - Inventory Management
MARV - Material Control Record Logistics - Material Master
EBEW - Sales Order Stock Valuation Logistics - Material Master
AFFW - goods Movements with Errors from Confirmations PP - Confirmations
TOLE - OLE Applications Basis - Use BC-FES-CTL (see SAP Note 842824)
BUT_DNC - BP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" List App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
BUT_DNC_OLD - BP: Telephone Numbers of the "Do Not Call" List App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
MCS1 - Model Structure for Info Structures with Initial VAKEY Logistics - Data Collection
MARCV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Logistics - Material Master
V_169G - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - General Functions
TCLOI9 - Selection profile for orders / operations Logistics - Production Optimization Interface (POI)
BUT_HIER_TYPE - Business Partner Group Hierarchy Category (GUID) App. Platform - Group Hierarchy
HUMSEG - Reference-HU-Item for Material Doc.Item that was Posted Last Logistics - Basic functions
EKBI - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - Purchasing
V_TVSHP - Generated Table for View V_TVSHP SD - Material Maintenance
V_TVLR - Generated Table for View V_TVLR Logistics Execution - Shipping
CRMM_BUT_FRG0061 - Business Partner Business Hours Interval App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
CRMM_BUT_FRG0060 - Business Partner Business Hours App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
V_T003_B - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View FI - Localization
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