NAST - Message Status Basis - Basis Services / Communication Interfaces
EDIMSG - output types and Assignment to IDoc Types Basis - ALE Integration Technology
TQ67 - Certificate-Relevant output types QM - Basic Data for Certificates
T799BSFG - Form Group - output type Payroll - Reuse Services for Country Development
T799BSFT - Form output type Payroll - Reuse Services for Country Development
AIDOTTY - Auto-ID output types Logistics - Auto-ID Backend Integration
TNAPR - Processing programs for output SD - Output Determination
PORG - Organizational Priorities MM - Materials Management
NACH - Detailed output data SD - Output Determination
KONP - Conditions (Item) SD - Conditions
TSP01 - Spool Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
SOOD - SAPoffice: Object definition Basis - Use Subcomponents
VTTK - Shipment Header Logistics Execution - Transportation
VTFA - Shipment Document Flow Logistics Execution - Transportation
V_512W_D - Generated Table for View V_512W_D Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
FUNCT - Function Module Short Texts Basis - Function Builder
TBTCP - Background Job Step Overview Basis - Background Processing
T511 - Wage types Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
V_T7INA9 - Generated Table for View V_T7INA9 Personnel Mgmt - India
T512W - Wage type Valuation Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
V_T511 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
TST01 - TemSe: List of objects and parts Basis - Print and Output Management
T539J - Base Wage type Valuation Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
A000 - Condition Table for Pricing $ SD - Conditions
T683S - Pricing Procedure: Data SD - Conditions
S004 - SIS: Product/Sales Organization/Distribution Channel Logistics - Data Collection
T685 - Conditions: types SD - Conditions
V_T539J - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
S005 - SIS: Shipping Point/Route/Forwarding Agent/Receiving Country Logistics - Data Collection
V_T512Z - Generated Table for View V_T512Z Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
TZONT - Customers: Regional Zone Texts Basis - Address Management/Business Address
EDP12 - Partner Profile: Outbound with Message Control Basis - ALE Integration Technology
T685B - Condition types: Additional Data for Sending output SD - Output Determination
T001A - Additional Local Currencies Control for Company Code FI - Financial Accounting
J_1ATXREL - Tax relevant classification SD - Billing
TBD52 - Function modules for inbound ALE-EDI Basis - ALE Integration Technology
TCJ1 - Project types Project Systems - Operative Structures
VN_T685B - Generated Table for View VN_T685B SD - Output Determination
TFAWT - Screens: Screen Groups for Programs Basis - Screen Painter
C496 - Condition type/Account Key IS - Industry Solution Engineering & Construction
V_TVFK_NAC - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View SD - Material Maintenance
A980 - Sales org./SA ID SD - Conditions
V_TFRM - Generated Table for View V_TFRM SD - Account Determination
A760 - Sales org./Currency/Customer/Material/Location/Prac Area Cd SD - Conditions
V_T186C - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Logistics Execution - Shipping
TNDRG - IS-H: DRG Billing Parameters IS - Patient Accounting
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