CONT03_EKPO - Container Table for purchase order Item Project Systems - Project System
T163C - Texts for purchase order History Categories MM - Purchasing
SER08 - Document Header for purchase order Item Serial Numbers Logistics - Serial Numbers
TEE003 - Customizing purchase order from Easy Execution CO - Product Cost Planning
T163B - purchase order History Categories MM - Purchasing
SNWD_PO - EPM: purchase order Header Table Basis - NetWeaver Demonstration
FRE_PO_POINTER - Change Pointers Changed purchase order Documents Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
DPR_OBJLINK_SCPO - purchase order and purchase order Item for SRM Shopping Cart PPM - Connection to External Systems
LIPSPO - LIPS Reference Data purchase order Logistics Execution - Shipping
MLBEKEPH - ML: Cost Comp. Split (Elements) for purchase order History CO - Actual Costing/Material Ledger
T460C - Order/purchase order types for planned order PP - Master Data
VLCPORDER - VELO: MM purchase order IS - Vehicle Management System
FRE_OP_PO_KEY - Key-Completion F&R Order Proposal <-> R/3 purchase order Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
DRVLOG_TRAIL - Derivation: Orders / purchase orders in derivation path Logistics - Batches
JKSDPORDERFLOW - IS-M: Assignment of purchase order Book to purchase order IS - SAP Media
CFIORPURITM0C - FIN Objects for purchase order Items Financials - Inventory Accounting
OTBPARAM2 - Parameters for OTB purchase order Warning PP - Sales Plan
EKPO - Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
CDHDR - Change document header Basis - Change Documents
EBAN - purchase Requisition MM - Purchasing
EKBE - History per Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
EKET - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines MM - Purchasing
KONP - Conditions (Item) SD - Conditions
EINE - Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data MM - Purchasing
EKKN - Account Assignment in Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
STXH - STXD SAPscript text file header Basis - SAPscript
EINA - Purchasing Info Record: General Data MM - Purchasing
PORG - Organizational Priorities MM - Materials Management
VBAK - Sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
VBAP - Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales
VBFA - Sales Document Flow SD - Basic Functions
VBKD - Sales Document: Business Data SD - Sales
AUFK - order master data CO - Overhead Cost Orders
VBEP - Sales Document: Schedule Line Data SD - Sales
VBUK - Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data SD - Basic Functions
AFKO - order header data PP orders PP - Production Orders
AFPO - order item PP - Production Orders
STXL - STXD SAPscript text file lines Basis - SAPscript
ESLL - Lines of Service Package MM - External Services
KALA - Costing Run: General Data/Parameters CO - Product Cost Planning
KONA - Agreements SD - Conditions
KONH - Conditions (Header) SD - Conditions
EKES - Vendor Confirmations MM - Purchasing
EBKN - purchase Requisition Account Assignment MM - Purchasing
SWETYPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Basis - SAP Business Workflow
T024 - Purchasing Groups MM - Purchasing
EKBZ - History per Purchasing Document: Delivery Costs MM - Purchasing
AMPL - Table of Approved Manufacturer Parts MM - Purchasing
EIPA - order Price History: Info Record MM - Purchasing
T16FW - Assignment of Role to Release Code MM - Purchasing
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