EBAN - purchase requisition MM - Purchasing
EBKN - purchase requisition Account Assignment MM - Purchasing
FDM2 - Cash management line items from MM purchase requisition Financials - Basic Functions
TEE001 - purchase requisition from Easy Execution CO - Product Cost Planning
VSEBAN_CN - Version: purchase requisition Project Systems - Simulation
EBAN_TECH - purchase requisition for External Sourcing MM - Purchasing
SER09 - Doc. Header for Serial Numbers for purchase requisition Item Logistics - Serial Numbers
T16LB - Scope of List: purchase requisitions MM - Purchasing
T16LL - Routines for List Scope: purchase requisitions MM - Purchasing
VSEBKN_CN - Version: purchase requisition account assignment Project Systems - Simulation
T16LI - Data Retrieval for List Scope: purchase requisitions MM - Purchasing
MEREQX - purchase requisition Change Parameter MM - Purchasing
PSPR_GRP_IND_PR - Grouping Indicators and purchase requisition numbers Project Systems - Structures
T16FS - Release Strategies MM - Purchasing
T16FW - Assignment of Role to Release Code MM - Purchasing
V_T160EX - Generated Table for View V_T160EX MM - Materials Management
T16FC - Release Codes MM - Purchasing
V_T160PR - Generated Table for View V_T160PR MM - Materials Management
T16FK - Release Statuses MM - Purchasing
T16FV - Release Prerequisites MM - Purchasing
EKPO - Purchasing Document Item MM - Purchasing
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
CDHDR - Change document header Basis - Change Documents
EKBE - History per Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
EKET - Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines MM - Purchasing
KONP - Conditions (Item) SD - Conditions
EINE - Purchasing Info Record: Purchasing Organization Data MM - Purchasing
EKKN - Account Assignment in Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
STXH - STXD SAPscript text file header Basis - SAPscript
EINA - Purchasing Info Record: General Data MM - Purchasing
PORG - Organizational Priorities MM - Materials Management
HRP5125 - DB Table for Infotype 5125 Personnel Mgmt - E-Recruiting
TFKB - Functional areas CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
HRP5131 - DB Table for Infotype 5131 Personnel Mgmt - E-Recruiting
M_MEKKE - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - Purchasing
T459K - Control table for customer requirements PP - Demand Management
RSADD - Additional fields for reservation Project Systems - Material
SWLWPTSSID - Task Linkages for WebFlow Services Basis - SAP Business Workflow
SRBCSBREL - Relationships in GOS Environment Basis - Communication Services: Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony
DOKID - Table Field-Screen Index Basis - Customer Enhancements
TBSG - Purchasing Documents: Reasons for Ordering MM - Purchasing
RDPR - Rounding profile Logistics - Quantity optimizing
TCDRP - Information on Include Reports Generated by RSSCD000 Basis - Change Documents
V_T54C6 - Generated Table for View V_T54C6 Payroll - Payroll: General Parts
V_399D_E - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View MM - Basic Functions
TMW01 - Pur. Group/Mat. Group: Objects for Web Scenario (Purchasing) MM - Basic Functions
V_TMW01 - Generated Table for View V_TMW01 MM - Basic Functions
MASSAPPEX - Application Exits for an Object Cross Application - Cross-Application Mass Maintenance
VV_TTXID_MM_FK_D - Generated Table for View VV_TTXID_MM_FK_D MM - Purchasing
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