T005S - Taxes: region (Province) Key Basis - Address Management/Business Address
T702O - Trip country/Trip region/Trip country group FI - Travel Expenses
T005U - Taxes: region Key: Texts Basis - Address Management/Business Address
TZONE - Customers: regional zones Basis - Address Management/Business Address
TZONT - Customers: regional Zone Texts Basis - Address Management/Business Address
TTXJ - Check Table for Tax Jurisdiction Cross Application - Central Functions: Jurisdiction Code/Taxes
A368 - Country/Plntregion/region/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat SD - Conditions
A137 - Price per Country/region CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
A094 - Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and region SD - Conditions
A354 - Country/region/Plntregion SD - Conditions
A353 - ST Code/region/Plntregion SD - Conditions
A376 - Country/Sales org./region/Plntregion/TaxCl4Cust/TaxCl.4Mat FI - Localization
A375 - Country/Sales org./region/Plntregion/TaxCl2Cust/TaxCl.2Mat FI - Localization
A374 - Country/Sales org./region/Plntregion/TaxCl3Cust/TaxCl.3Mat FI - Localization
A367 - Country/Plant/region/Material SD - Conditions
A352 - ST Code/Post.code/Plntregion SD - Conditions
A356 - Country/Plntregion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat SD - Conditions
CACS_CTBU_WA - Work regions for Commission Contract ICM - Incentive and Commission Management (ICM)
T005F - County: Texts Basis - Address Management/Business Address
T706O - Names for Trip Country/Trip Country Group/Trip region FI - Travel Expenses
V_T005S - Generated Table for View V_T005S Basis - Address Management/Business Address
A952 - Taxes: Vendor/SH Country/SH region/SP Country/Tax ind.f mat SD - Conditions
TTZ5S - Assign time zones to regions Basis - Time Zones
T005H - City: Texts Cross Application - Technical Application Support
V_T706H - Generated Table for View V_T706H FI - Travel Expenses
PTRV_T706Z_FLDS - Field Names for Field Control FI - Travel Expenses
TA21R - regions FI - Travel Planning
J_1BTXJURV - Generated Table for View J_1BTXJURV FI - Localization
TA21RZC - Assignment: Country-Subdividing region to Location FI - Travel Planning
TA21RZL - Assignment: region of Several Countries to Country FI - Travel Planning
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