T16FS - release Strategies MM - Purchasing
T16FC - release Codes MM - Purchasing
T16FG - release Groups MM - Purchasing
T16FW - Assignment of Role to release Code MM - Purchasing
T16FV - release Prerequisites MM - Purchasing
T16FK - release Statuses MM - Purchasing
T16FD - Description of release Codes MM - Purchasing
T16FB - release Indicator: Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
T16FH - Descriptions of release Groups MM - Purchasing
T16FT - Descriptions of release Strategies MM - Purchasing
V_161S - Generated Table for View V_161S MM - Basic Functions
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
CDHDR - Change document header Basis - Change Documents
EBAN - Purchase Requisition MM - Purchasing
AUSP - Characteristic Values Cross Application - Classes
SWETYPV - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Basis - SAP Business Workflow
B001 - Sales Organization/Customer Number SD - Conditions
B002 - Sales Organization/Sales Activity Type SD - Conditions
V023 - Generated Table for View V023 Logistics - Material Master
T163K - Account Assignment Categories in Purchasing Document MM - Purchasing
T16FE - Descriptions of release Indicators: Purchasing Documents MM - Purchasing
T16FM - Descriptions of release Indicators for Services MM - External Services
T16FL - release Indicators: Service Entry Sheet MM - External Services
V_T16FS - Generated Table for View V_T16FS MM - Purchasing
V_T16FW - Generated Table for View V_T16FW MM - Purchasing
V_T16FG - Generated Table for View V_T16FG MM - Purchasing
VV_T16FS_2 - Generated Table for View VV_T16FS_2 MM - Purchasing
V_T16FB - Generated Table for View V_T16FB MM - Purchasing
VV_T16FS_1 - Generated Table for View VV_T16FS_1 MM - Purchasing
VV_T16FS_3 - Generated Table for View VV_T16FS_3 MM - Purchasing
VV_T16FC_1 - Generated Table for View VV_T16FC_1 MM - Purchasing
V_T16FG_2 - Generated Table for View V_T16FG_2 MM - Purchasing
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