TVTA - Organizational Unit: sales area(s) SD - Account Determination
A140 - sales area / Accounting Indicator SD - Conditions
A422 - DRC: sales area/Material/Wide Area Pricing IS - Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
B222 - IS-M/AM: sales area, transaction type IS - SAP Media
JJTVM - IS-M/AM: Media sales area Customer IS - SAP Media
A430 - DRC: sales area/Material/DRC Country IS - Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
JJTBEVB - IS-M/AM: Booking Unit sales area Assignment IS - SAP Media
JJTVT - Requirement - sales area Assignment (Media Sales Agent) IS - SAP Media
A429 - DRC: sales area/Material/State License Fee Zone IS - Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
A431 - DRC: sales area/Material/DRC Region IS - Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
A432 - DRC: sales area/Material/DRC Country/DRC Region IS - Marketing, Accounting and Pricing
CIF_VMISD - Confirmation of sales area Data and Order Category for VMI Supply Chain Mgmt - SCM Basis
JJTIKOVB - IS-M/AM: Content Components - sales area Assignment IS - SAP Media
KNVV - Customer Master sales Data Logistics - Customer Master
VBAK - sales Document: Header Data SD - Sales
VBAP - sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales
VBRK - Billing Document: Header Data SD - Billing
VBRP - Billing Document: Item Data SD - Billing
LIPS - SD document: Delivery: Item data Logistics Execution - Shipping
VBFA - sales Document Flow SD - Basic Functions
VBKD - sales Document: Business Data SD - Sales
VBPA - sales Document: Partner SD - Basic Functions
VBEP - sales Document: Schedule Line Data SD - Sales
VBUK - sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data SD - Basic Functions
VBUP - sales Document: Item Status SD - Basic Functions
CSKS - Cost Center Master Data CO - Controlling
T001P - Personnel area/Subarea Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
VTFA - Shipment Document Flow Logistics Execution - Transportation
MPOS - Maintenance item PM - Maintenance Task Lists
ANLB - Depreciation terms FI - Basic Functions
T500P - Personnel areas Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
V_001P_ALL - Generated Table for View V_001P_ALL Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
T549A - Payroll areas Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
T77OMATTR - General Attribute Maintenance: Definition of Attributes Basis - Organizational Management
T001CM - Permitted Credit Control areas per Company Code FI - Basic Functions
T683 - Pricing procedures SD - Conditions
MDVM - Entry in MRP File PP - Master Data
V_T500P - Generated Table for View V_T500P Personnel Mgmt - Personnel Administration
DBVM - Planning File Entry, MRP area PP - Master Data
T134G - Organization Unit: Business area Determination SD - Material Maintenance
T000MD - MRP at MRP area Level PP - Master Data
A512 - Company Code/Revenue Type SD - Conditions
TKA00 - Control parameters for controlling areas CO - Controlling
DFKKMOP - Items in contract account document FI - Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
A528 - Customer Group/Full Service Ind/Material SD - Conditions
T77ID - Infotypes: Enhancements to T777D Basis - Organizational Management
A520 - Company Code/Revenue Type/Material SD - Conditions
MDLW - Customizing: MRP area Plants PP - Master Data
V_TVTW - Generated Table for View V_TVTW SD - Material Maintenance
S123 - Customer / material group Logistics - Data Collection
A515 - Industry/Industry Code 1/Sub Material SD - Conditions
V_T014 - Generated Table for View V_T014 FI - Basic Functions
V_TVTA_KKB - Generated Table for View V_TVTA_KKB SD - Credit Management
TVART - ABAP/4: Texts of variables in selection conditions Basis - Logical DB, Selection Screens, Selection Variants
V_TVAKZ - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View SD - Basic Functions
V_TBZJ1 - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1 App. Platform - Dialog SAP-GUI
H_TVTA - Generated Table for View H_TVTA SD - Account Determination
V_TBZJ1C - Generated Table for View V_TBZJ1C App. Platform - Dialog SAP-GUI
TBZ0Q - BDT Data Sets App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
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