VTTK - shipment Header Logistics Execution - Transportation
VTTP - shipment Item Logistics Execution - Transportation
VFKP - shipment Costs: Item Data Logistics Execution - Freight Processing
VTTS - Stage of shipment Logistics Execution - Transportation
VFKK - shipment Costs: Header Data Logistics Execution - Freight Processing
VEKP - Handling Unit - Header Table Logistics - Basic functions
VTFA - shipment Document Flow Logistics Execution - Transportation
VEPO - Packing: Handling Unit Item (Contents) Logistics - Basic functions
VTPA - Shipping Partner Logistics Execution - Transportation
VTSP - Stage of Transport / Item Allocation Logistics Execution - Transportation
TP01 - Business Partner: Form of Address Cross Application - Business Partner Enhancements for Financial Services
B022 - TrspPlPoint and shipment Type SD - Conditions
B045 - shipment Type/Transportation Service Agent Logistics Execution - Transportation
TVTK - shipment Types Logistics Execution - Transportation
S051 - shipment routes Logistics - Data Collection
VFSI - shipment Costs: Sub-item Data Logistics Execution - Freight Processing
VFKN - Account Determination in shipment Costs Item Logistics Execution - Freight Processing
VTRDI - shipment Planning Index Logistics Execution - Transportation
S050 - shipment Logistics - Data Collection
T333A - shipment Types Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
TDGA9 - DG: Check Schema Determination Routines for shipment Docs Environment, Health and Safety - Dangerous Goods Management
TDGD17 - EHS: Determ. Routine for Template Processing in shipment Environment, Health and Safety - Dangerous Goods Management
TDGD19 - EHS: Validity Template Processing for shipment Documents Environment, Health and Safety - Dangerous Goods Management
TP02 - Business partner: Salutation Fi Services - Business Partner
OIGS - TD shipment Header IS - Transportation and Distribution
OIGSV - TD Vehicles in Transport/shipment IS - Transportation and Distribution
V_TVTK - Generated Table for View V_TVTK Logistics Execution - Transportation
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