T302 - WM storage sections Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T334B - storage section Search Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T304 - storage section Indicators Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T337B - Bulk storage sectioning Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T302T - storage section Names Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T304T - Text for storage section Indicator Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
MARD - storage Location Data for Material Logistics - Material Master
MCHB - Batch Stocks Logistics - Material Master
MARDH - Material Master storage Location Segment: History Logistics - Material Master
LQUA - Quants Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
T001L - storage Locations Logistics - Material Master
S031 - Statistics: Movements for current stocks Logistics - Data Collection
LAGP - storage bins Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
S032 - Statistics: Current Stock and Grouping Terms Logistics - Data Collection
MLGN - Material Data for Each Warehouse Number Logistics - Material Master
MLGT - Material Data for Each storage Type Logistics - Material Master
J_1IEWTNUMGR_1 - Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO FI - Localization
TWLAD - Determination of Address from Plant and storage Location MM - Purchasing
VWTYGB01 - Generated Table for View VWTYGB01 Logistics - Warranty Claim Processing
J_1IEWTNUMGR - Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers- EWT India. FI - Localization
J_1IEWTNUMGR_N - Number Groups For Internal Challan Numbers-EWT India:SECCO FI - Localization
TVKOL - Picking: storage Location Determination for Deliveries Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
V_T7INI7 - Generated Table for View V_T7INI7 Personnel Mgmt - India
J_1I_SECCODE - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View FI - Localization
J_1IEWTCALID_N - Calendar for Payment Due date-EWT India: SECCO FI - Localization
V_T7INI9 - Generated Table for View V_T7INI9 Personnel Mgmt - India
V_T7INI8 - Generated Table for View V_T7INI8 Personnel Mgmt - India
V_T7INI5 - Generated Table for View V_T7INI5 Personnel Mgmt - India
V_SECCODE - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View FI - Localization
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