TZONE - Customers: Regional zones Basis - Address Management/Business Address
ISMP - SDB: Symptom table Customer Service - Knowledge Base
DFTNODE01 - Structure repository for process model objects: Node table Basis - Business Navigator
TVRO - Routes Logistics Execution - Transportation
TZONT - Customers: Regional Zone Texts Basis - Address Management/Business Address
TROLZ - Routes: Determination in Deliveries Logistics Execution - Transportation
TTDS - Organizational Unit: transportation Scheduling Point Logistics Execution - Transportation
B045 - Shipment Type/transportation Service Agent Logistics Execution - Transportation
V_ELTDIR_TXT - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View BW - End User Technology
TTDST - Organizational Unit: transportation Scheduling Point: Texts Logistics Execution - Transportation
TA20SWITCH - Global Control Parameters FI - Travel Planning
V_TVFT - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Logistics Execution - Freight Processing
V_TZONE - Generated Table for View V_TZONE SD - Material Maintenance
V_TROLZ02 - Generierte Tabelle zu einem View Logistics Execution - Transportation
TTPLST - Determination of transportation Planning Point f. BAPI Call Logistics Execution - Transportation
TTGR - Delivery Scheduling: transportation Groups SD - Material Maintenance
PA0410 - Infotype 0410 - transportation ticket Personnel Mgmt - Brazil
V_TTGR - Generated Table for View V_TTGR SD - Account Determination
S052 - Means of transportation Logistics - Data Collection
TVKNT - Routes: transportation connection points: Texts Logistics Execution - Transportation
B410 - transportation Planning Point IS - Transportation and Distribution
TVKN - Routes: transportation Connection Points Logistics Execution - Transportation
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