PRPS - wbs (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data Project Systems - Operative Structures
JEST - Individual Object Status Cross Application - General status management
COSP - CO Object: Cost Totals for External Postings CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
RPSCO - Project info database: Costs, revenues, finances Project Systems - Accounting
TJ02T - System status texts Cross Application - General status management
COBRB - Distribution Rules Settlement Rule Order Settlement CO - Overhead Cost Orders
BPJA - Totals Record for Annual Total Controlling Obj. FI - Funds Management
CATA - CATT: General test run data Basis - CATT Computer Aided Test Tool
PROJ - Project definition Project Systems - Operative Structures
BPGE - Totals Record for Total Value Controlling obj. FI - Funds Management
PRHI - Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer) Project Systems - Operative Structures
BPEG - Line Item Overall Values Controlling Obj. FI - Funds Management
VSPRPS_CN - Version: wbs Element (Work Breakdwn Struc. Elem.) Mast. Data Project Systems - Simulation
PRTX - PS Texts (wbs) Project Systems - Operative Structures
PRPSS - Standard wbs Element (wbs element) - Master Data Project Systems - Templates
TCNIF - Assembly item/wbs element assignment BOM transfer Project Systems - Material
PRHIS - Standard wbs, Edges (Hierarchy pointers) Project Systems - Templates
IMAKZ - Assignment of measure to order or wbs element ... Investment Management - Appropriation Requests
FMDERIVE007 - Derivation rule:wbs Element to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/Fun PSM - Funds Management
TCXPS - Control parameters for wbs scheduling Project Systems - Dates
TCXPT - Text table for TCXPS (wbs scheduling) Project Systems - Dates
MAAVC_MD - MPO: Individual Master Data for wbs Elements Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
RSPSP - Index: Reservations for wbs elements/Sales order items Project Systems - Material
CFIORWBS0C - FIN Objects for wbs Elements Financials - Inventory Accounting
NHPRPS - Number history for reorganization of wbs elements Project Systems - Operative Structures
DIS_TOBJS_COSP - Distribution: Objects distributed to per Group wbs (Cost) IS - Pegging, Grouping, and Distribution
FMDERIVE006 - Derivation rule:wbs Element/CE to Commitment Item/Funds Ctr/ PSM - Funds Management
CURTO_FOCUS_CHG - Change Pointer for Order/wbs BOM for PDS Transfer Logistics - LO Integration
PRTXS - PS texts (standard wbs) Project Systems - Templates
KWBS - Assignment of wbs No. - Costing Objects CO - Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure
GRPGA - Assignment of wbs elements to MRP wbs elements Project Systems - Material
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