tcode - IDX1

Description : Port Maintenance in IDoc Adapter
Main Category : Basis
Sub Category : ALE Integration Technology

Related tcodes

IDX2 - Meta Data Overview in IDoc Adapter Basis - ALE Integration Technology
IDX5 - IDoc Adapter - Monitoring Basis - Integration Server
SM59 - RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Basis - RFC
SXMB_MONI - Integration Engine - Monitoring Basis - Integration Engine
SM58 - Asynchronous RFC Error Log Basis - RFC

Related tables

MONI - Monitor table MONI Basis - Performance Monitors (TCC)
MARA - General Material Data Logistics - Material Master
EDIDC - Control record (IDoc) Basis - ALE Integration Technology
EKKO - Purchasing Document Header MM - Purchasing
SFLIGHT - Flight Basis - ABAP Workbench, Java IDE and Infrastructure
IDXNOALE - Do not request IDoc Adapter exception list acknowledgement Basis - Integration Server

Related Authorization Objects

S_RFC - Authorization Check for RFC Access -
S_IDOCDEFT - WFEDI: S_IDOCDEFT - Access to IDoc Development -
S_IDOCMETA - IDoc Metadata: Load and Display IDoc Metadata in XI -
S_XMB_DSP - Obsolete: Do not use. Use S_XMB_MONI instead -
S_TABU_DIS - Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30) -
S_XMB_AUTH - Integration Engine: Activities for Individual Areas -

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