tcode - J1IS

Description : Excise invoice for other movements
Main Category : FI
Sub Category : Localization

SAP help reference for J1IS

J1IS SAP Wiki Page : SAP Wiki page

Related tcodes

J1IV - Excise post & print for others mvmts FI - Localization
J1IEX - Incoming Excise Invoices FI - Localization
J1IH - Create Excise JV FI - Localization
J1IIN - Outgoing Excise Invoice FI - Localization
MIGO - Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management

Related tables

J_1IEXCHDR - Excise invoice header detail FI - Localization
J_1IEXCDTL - Excise invoice line item details FI - Localization
VBAP - Sales Document: Item Data SD - Sales
J_1IPART2 - Excise Part II details FI - Localization
J_1IRG23D - RG23D register for the depot FI - Localization
J_1IRG1 - Excise RG1 details FI - Localization

Related Authorization Objects

J_1IRG23D - Authorisation object for Depo Transactions -
S_TABU_DIS - Table Maintenance (via standard tools such as SM30) -
I_VORG_ORD - PM: Business Operation for Orders -
C_KLAH_BKL - Authorization for Classification -
I_INGRP - PM: Maintenance Planner Group -
C_TCLS_MNT - Authorization for Characteristics of Org. Area -

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