tcode - LC10

Description : liveCache Assistant
Main Category : Basis
Sub Category : liveCache

SAP help reference for LC10

LC10 SAP Wiki Page : SAP Wiki page

Related tcodes

DBACOCKPIT - Start DBA Cockpit Basis - Database Interface, Database Platforms
DB50 - SAP DB Assistant Basis - MaxDB
SM21 - Online System Log Analysis Basis - SAP System Log
SE38 - ABAP Editor Basis - ABAP Editor
SM36 - Schedule Background Job Basis - Background Processing

Related tables

LCINIT - Control Table for liveCache Initialization (Application) Basis - liveCache
DBCON - Description of Database Connections Basis - DB-Independent Database Interface
MPOS - Maintenance item PM - Maintenance Task Lists
GREP - Report Writer: File of Stored Reports FI - Information System
MODTEXT - Enhancement Projects - Short Texts Basis - Customer Enhancements
MSEG - Document Segment: Material MM - Inventory Management

Related Authorization Objects

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S_ADMI_FCD - System Authorizations -
S_RFC - Authorization Check for RFC Access -
S_PB_CHIP - ABAP Page Builder: CHIP -
S_TABU_CLI - Cross-Client Table Maintenance -
S_RFC_ADM - Administration for RFC Destination -

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