tcode - SP01O

Description : Spool Controller
Main Category : Basis
Sub Category : Print and Output Management

Related tcodes

SP02 - Display Spool Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
SP02O - Display Output Requests Basis - Print and Output Management
SP01 - Output Controller Basis - Print and Output Management
SOY8 - SAPoffice: Mass Archiving Basis - Use Subcomponents
SPACKAGE - Package Builder Basis - Package Tools

Related tables

AGR_1251 - Authorization data for the activity group Basis - ABAP Authorization and Role Management
LTEX - Generic store for extracts Basis - SAP List Viewer
MARA - General Material Data Logistics - Material Master
MCH1 - Batches (if Batch Management Cross-Plant) Logistics - Material Master
RSCRMMON - RSCRM: Monitoring for Batch CRM - Customer Relationship Management
MCHA - Batches Logistics - Material Master

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S_TCODE - Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start -

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