KB21N - Enter Direct Activity allocation CO - Controlling
OV3Z - Determine Prod. allocation Hierarchy SD - Basic Data
OV1Z - Define Product allocation Procedure SD - Basic Data
OV4Z - Product allocation Control SD - Basic Data
CA02 - Change Routing PP - Routing
KSU5 - Execute Actual Assessment CO - Cost Center Accounting
MC94 - Change Flexible LIS Planning PP - Sales Plan
WA01 - Create allocation Table Logistics - Allocation
MC62 - Change Planning Hierarchy PP - Sales Plan
KSV5 - Execute Actual Distribution CO - Cost Center Accounting
KEU5 - Perform act. cost-ctr cost transfer CO - Profitability Analysis
BD59 - allocation object type -> IDoc type Basis - ALE Integration Technology
WA03 - Display allocation Table Logistics - Allocation
CPUB - Plan Template allocation: Orders CO - Activity-Based Costing
KB15N - Enter Manual allocations CO - Controlling
OMCZ - Activate batch number allocation Logistics - Batches
WA02 - Change allocation Table Logistics - Allocation
MC61 - Create Planning Hierarchy PP - Sales Plan
OKO6 - Maintain allocation Structure CO - Overhead Cost Orders
ADAA - Activity allocation Conversion IS - Add-ons for Actual Costs / Time Recording
TPM3 - Account Asst Reference allocations Financials - Transfer to Financial Accounting
KCAU - Change allocation Assessment CO - Activity-Based Costing
KB21 - Enter Activity allocation CO - Controlling
AIAZ - Display Dist. Rule allocation FI - Line Item Settlement of AUC
WA11 - Message Bundling, allocation Table Logistics - Allocation
GSP_LZ2 - allocation: acct number - item type FI - General Ledger Accounting
KB15 - Enter Manual allocations CO - Overhead Cost Controlling
OV2Z - Define Product allocation Object SD - Basic Data
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