SM20 - Analysis of Security audit Log Basis - Security
SM19 - Security audit Configuration Basis - Security
SM18 - Reorganize Security audit Log Basis - Security
SM20N - Analysis of Security audit Log Basis - Security
PLMD_AUDIT - audit Management Cross Application - Audit Management
SECR - Obsolete: audit Information System Basis - System Audit Information System
PIQAUD_MP_CP - audit (Process-Dependent) IS - Administration
PIQAUD_MP_CS - audit (Process-Independent) IS - Administration
PLMC_AUDIT - audit Management: Customizing Cross Application - Audit Management
OINM - Object Link Medium PM - Plant Maintenance
USMM - Customer Measurement Basis - User and Authorization Management
AUT10 - Evaluation of audit Trail Logistics - Electronic Data Records
S_AHR_61016380 - Logged Changes in Infotype Data Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
BDM7 - ALE audit: statistical analyses Basis - ALE Integration Technology
RSAU_SELECT_EVENTS - Display audit Events (Batch Proc.) Basis - System Audit Information System
BDM8 - ALE audit: Sending the confirmations Basis - ALE Integration Technology
PC00_M16_UAUD - Payroll audit trail 16 Payroll - South Africa
WPED - Sales audit Editor SD - POS Interface
VIBD - Printing: Analysis form data audit SD - Basic Functions
VXDA - SLS: audit Trail - Customer Master SD - Basic Functions
VXLA - Legal Control: SLS - audit Trail SD - Basic Functions
VXKA - SLS: audit Trail: Vendor Master SD - Basic Functions
PLM_AUDITMONITOR - audit Management: Evaluations Cross Application - Audit Management
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