BAPI - bapi Explorer Basis - BAPI Tools (for BAPIs see Note 813411)
BAPI45 - bapi Browser Basis - Business Object Builder
BAPIW - bapi Explorer Basis - BAPI Tools (for BAPIs see Note 813411)
BDBG - Create ALE Interface for bapi Basis - ALE Integration Technology
VA01 - Create Sales Order SD - Sales
SM59 - RFC Destinations (Display/Maintain) Basis - RFC
SE37 - ABAP Function Modules Basis - Function Builder
VA02 - Change Sales Order SD - Sales
FB01 - Post Document FI - Financial Accounting
F-02 - Enter G/L Account Posting FI - Financial Accounting
SHDB - Batch Input Transaction Recorder Basis - UI Services, Screen, Batch Input
SE18 - Business Add-Ins: Definitions Basis - Customer Enhancements
SE19 - Business Add-Ins: Implementations Basis - Customer Enhancements
SWO1 - Business Object Builder Basis - Business Object Builder
MDBA - bapi planned order processing PP - Master Data
BDBP - Hierarchy maintenance of bapi param. Basis - ALE Integration Technology
SBIT - bapi Test Environment Basis - Background Processing
BDBR - Register bapi for Data Transfer Basis - Data Transfer Workbench
VKU8 - Test Transaction bapi Count List MM - Inventory Management
BUS11 - BDT: Assgn bapi Field to Field Group App. Platform - SAP Business Partner
FTR_BAPI - bapi Test Program Financials - Transaction Management
GMS26 - GM BDT bapi Fields to Field Groups PSM - Master Data
FMME26 - FPC: Assign bapi Flds to Field Grps PSM - Master Data
INT_BAPI - bapi Browser Basis - Business Object Builder
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