BWA1 - DataSource Maintenance CRM - Extraction Technology
BWA5 - Version Comparison: DataSources CRM - Extraction Technology
BWA7 - BW Adapter Monitor CRM - Extraction Technology
BWA8 - BW Adapter: Process Maintenance CRM - Extraction Technology
RSDDB - bwa Index Maintenance BW - OLAP Technology
TREXADMIN - TREX Administration Tool Basis - TREX ABAP + JAVA API
RSDDBIAMON2 - BW Accelerator Maintenance Monitor BW - OLAP Technology
RSDDBIAMON - BW Accelerator Maintenance Monitor BW - OLAP Technology
WAST - Copied to CbwaBDT (Copy BP Config Environment, Health and Safety - Waste Management
SMET - Display frequency of function calls Basis - Workbench Utilities
RSDDTPS - Start Explorer Maintenance BW - OLAP Technology
VSBSMS - SbwaP Reporting SD - Self-Billing Proced.
PC00_M02_UQST2 - Read Withholding Tax bwa Diskette Payroll - Switzerland
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