CRMC_CLM_CMPGPM - campaign priority mapping CRM - Campaign Execution
ELM - External List Management BW - Customer Relationship Management
OOCU - Task Customizing Basis - Organizational Management
CRM_SURVEY_SUITE - Survey Suite CRM - Survey Suite
CRM_MKTPL - Marketing Planner CRM - Marketing Planner
CRMD_EMAIL - Maintain Mail Form CRM - Direct Mailing
CRMBS02 - Maintain Status Profiles Cross Application - General status management
R3AS4 - Synchronize Objects CRM - Middleware Adapter
PCA1 - Creating a Production campaign PP - Production Campaign
CRMD_CALL_LIST - Generation of Call Lists Customer Service - Customer Interaction Center
CRMD_EMAIL_LIST - Display Marketing Contact List CRM - Direct Mailing
PCAL - Procurement Cards: Read Archive SRM - Procurement Card
SWF_AUTO - Automatic Workflow Customizing Basis - SAP Business Workflow
CMPC2 - CondTab: Create (campaign Determ.) SD - Conditions
CMPC3 - CondTab: Change (campaign Determ.) SD - Conditions
CMPC4 - CondTab: Display (campaign Determ.) SD - Conditions
CRMC_IC_MKTPROF - campaign Profile Maintenance CRM - Interaction Center WebClient
CRMC_MKTCA_WF_CUST - Workflows campaign Automation CRM - Execution
CRMC_MKTPL_FAW_CPG - Field Selection campaign CRM - Marketing Planner
CRMC_MKTPL_FAW_CPT - Field Selection campaign Element CRM - Marketing Planner
/SAPAPO/PCMT - Production campaign -
CAMP_LIST_MIGR - campaign Migration CRM - Adapters Mobile Sales
CAM_MIGR - campaigns transaction code CRM - Adapters Mobile Sales
CTLIST_CRM_CD - Det. procedure for campaign det. CRM - Campaign Determination
CT_MIGR - transaction code for campaign target CRM - Adapters Mobile Sales
VELOC - Define Sales campaign IS - Vehicle Management System
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