ELM - External List management BW - Customer Relationship Management
CRMM_TERRMAN - territory management CRM - Territory Management
CRMD_BUS2000111 - Maintain Opportunities CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
SM53 - VMC Monitoring and Administration Basis - Virtual Machine Container
CRM_KW_TEMPL - Customizing Document Templates CRM - Content Management
IS01 - Solution DB - Create/Display/Change Customer Service - Knowledge Base
PPOMW - Change Org. and Staffing (WF) Basis - Organizational Management
IB51 - Create IBase App. Platform - Installed Base
CRMV_SSC - Mntce: Scrn Cntrl Data - crm Trans. CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
BPH_DNL - Initial Download BP Group Hierarchy CRM - Group Hierarchy
SO28 - Maintain SOGR Basis - Use Subcomponents
S_AE2_89000019 - crm_REP_ACT1 CRM - Business Transactions
SCASE - Case management Basis - Case Management
CRMD_BUS2000116 - Edit Service Processes CRM - Basic Functions for Business Transactions
CRM_TERRMAN_ATTRIB - Customizing Attributes CRM - Territory Management
DECK - Cash Holding Years FI - Funds Management
BSVW - Linkage Status Update-Workflow Event Cross Application - General Application Functions
CRMD_MKTLIST - External List management CRM - External List Management
CRMBS02 - Maintain Status Profiles Cross Application - General status management
DMWB - Document Modeling Workbench Basis - Document Management Framework
COMM_PCAT_IMS_UPDA - Update Replication Product Catalog CRM - Product Catalog
CRMD_CALL_LIST - Generation of Call Lists Customer Service - Customer Interaction Center
OB51 - C FI Maintain Table T024P FI - Basic Functions
CICE - Assignment of Visible Components Customer Service - Customer Interaction
CRMD_TM_CLDIST - Call List Maintenance CRM - Campaign Execution
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