XD01 - Create customer (Centrally) FI - Basic Functions
FBL5N - customer Line Items FI - Information System
FD32 - Change customer Credit Management FI - Credit Management
XD02 - Change customer (Centrally) FI - Basic Functions
F-32 - Clear customer FI - Financial Accounting
XD03 - Display customer (Centrally) FI - Basic Functions
VD01 - Create customer (Sales) FI - Basic Functions
VA01 - Create Sales Order SD - Sales
CMOD - Enhancements Basis - Customer Enhancements
FCC - Start Financial customer Care -
SMOD - SAP Enhancement Management Basis - Customer Enhancements
F-28 - Post Incoming Payments FI - Financial Accounting
CIC0 - customer Interaction Center Customer Service - Customer Interaction
VD02 - Change customer (Sales) Logistics - Customer Master
F-22 - Enter customer Invoice FI - Financial Accounting
F-92 - Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ customer FI - Basic Functions
FD33 - Display customer Credit Management FI - Credit Management
FD01 - Create customer (Accounting) FI - Financial Accounting
F-29 - Post customer Down Payment FI - Financial Accounting
OBD2 - C FI Maintain Table T077D FI - Basic Functions
USMM - customer Measurement Basis - User and Authorization Management
VD51 - Maintain customer-Material Info SD - Sales
XD05 - Block customer (centrally) FI - Basic Functions
MCTA - SIS: customer Analysis - Selection SD - Information System
XD99 - customer master mass maintenance Logistics - Customer Master
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