VL09 - Cancel Goods Issue for delivery note Logistics Execution - Shipping
QE14 - Record results for delivery note QM - Results Recording
QE15 - Change results for delivery note QM - Results Recording
QE16 - Display results for delivery note QM - Results Recording
VTAF - Bill. doc. to order copying control SD - Basic Functions
LD00 - Line Design PP - Flow Manufacturing
VL71 - Output from Outbound Deliveries Logistics Execution - Shipping
OMJX - GR Field Selection From Procurement MM - Inventory Management
MIGO - Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
MIRO - Enter Incoming Invoice MM - Invoice Verification
SPRO - Customizing - Edit Project Basis - Customizing Project Management (IMG)
ME21N - Create Purchase Order MM - Purchasing
VA02 - Change Sales Order SD - Sales
VF01 - Create Billing Document SD - Billing
MMBE - Stock Overview Logistics - Material Master
VL02N - Change Outbound delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
VL01N - Create Outbound Dlv. with Order Ref. Logistics Execution - Shipping
SNOTE - note Assistant Basis - SAP Note Assistant
SPAU - Display Modified DE Objects Basis - Upgrade - General
VL10B - Purchase Orders Due for delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
VOV8 - Document Type Maintenance SD - Basic Functions
OSS1 - Logon to SAP Service Marketplace Basis - Performance Monitors (TCC)
VTLA - Order to delivery copying control SD - Basic Functions
J1INCERT - Print Vendor WH Tax Certificates FI - Localization
FB75 - Enter Outgoing Credit Memos FI - Financial Accounting
FB65 - Enter Incoming Credit Memos FI - Financial Accounting
VTFF - Bill to bill copying control SD - Basic Functions
F-27 - Enter Customer Credit Memo FI - Financial Accounting
VL06I - Inbound delivery Monitor Logistics Execution - Shipping
VL33N - Display Inbound delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
OMJN - General field selection: goods mvmnt MM - Inventory Management
VF46 - Revenue Recognition: Cancellation SD - Revenue recognition
OVLS - C SD Tab TVLS delivery Block Reasons Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
IW12 - Document flow list PM - Maintenance Notifications
V/36 - delivery Output Determination Procdr SD - Output Determination
VL10CUC - Create Profile - delivery Logistics Execution - Shipping
EWF1 - Display FI/AA Adjustment Differences Cross Application - Local Currency Changeover
FTWP - Settings for data extraction Cross Application - Data Retention Tool
S_ALR_87014387 - Display Document Flow Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
V/73 - View V_TVLP_NAC Logistics Execution - Transportation
V/G9 - View VN_TNAPR Appl V2 SD - Output Determination
V/50 - Access Sequence (delivery) SD - Output Determination
V/49 - View V_TNAPN Appl. V2 SD - Conditions
VGM3 - Display Group for Freight List Logistics Execution - Shipping
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