MMSC - Enter storage locations Collectively Logistics - Material Master
OX09 - Customize storage locations MM - Inventory Management
OVL3 - Picking Location Determination Logistics Execution - Basic Functions
OMIR - storage Location MRP PP - Master Data
OMJX - GR Field Selection From Procurement MM - Inventory Management
LT05 - Process Posting Change Notice Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
OVLQ - C SD Table TVLK "Picking Control" SD - Material Maintenance
IH01 - Functional Location Structure PM - Functional Locations
IH06 - display Functional Location PM - Functional Locations
LI06 - Block stor.types for annual invent. Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
MB59 - Material Doc. List MM - Inventory Management
OMCJ - Screen Layout: Goods Receipt MM - Inventory Management
BBPADDRINTC - Maintain Addresses for Own Company SRM - Enterprise Buyer
OMNK - Inventory Control per storage Type Logistics Execution - Other Functions
OBAL - C FI Maintain Table T052A FI - Basic Functions
OMBG - Set Stock Balance display MM - Inventory Management
OMS6 - C MM-BD storage Condition(s) Logistics - Material Master
MMBE_OLD - Stock Overview Logistics - Material Master
MC89 - Sales and Operations Planning PP - Sales Plan
OMJA - Set Screen Layout for Goods Movement MM - Inventory Management
LM22 - Handling Unit - Unpack Logistics Execution - Mobile data entry
IL07 - Funct. Location List (Multi-Level) PM - Plant Maintenance
SI90 - Knowledge Warehouse: Training KM - Knowledge Warehouse
PK18 - Evaluation Control Cycle/Kanban PP - KANBAN
VOF02 - User exit lists sales SD - Account Determination
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