OA01 - Gain/loss substitution -fixed assets FI - Basic Functions
AS91 - Create Old Asset FI - Basic Functions
AS02 - Change Asset Master Record FI - Basic Functions
AW01N - Asset Explorer FI - Basic Functions
AS01 - Create Asset Master Record FI - Basic Functions
AO90 - Account assignmt Acquisitions FI - Asset Accounting
ABUMN - Transfer within Company Code FI - Basic Functions
AJRW - Fiscal Year Change FI - Basic Functions
AJAB - Year-End Closing FI - Basic Functions
F-90 - Acquisition from purchase w. vendor FI - Basic Functions
OITB - Inv. Profile - AuC per Source Assgn. Investment Management - Investment Orders
OASV - Enter G/L Account Postings FI - Basic Functions
ABAVN - Asset Retirement by Scrapping FI - Basic Functions
AFAB - Post depreciation FI - Basic Functions
CJ88 - Settle Projects and Networks CO - Overhead Cost Orders
TBB1 - Execute postings Financials - Transaction Manager
ABT1N - Intercompany Asset Transfer FI - Basic Functions
ABST2 - Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA FI - Information System
AIAB - AuC Assignment of Dist. Rule FI - Line Item Settlement of AUC
AFAMA - View Maint. for Deprec. Key Method FI - Basic Functions
AIBU - Transfer Asset under Const. FI - Line Item Settlement of AUC
ABSO - Miscellaneous Transactions FI - Basic Functions
ABAON - Asset Sale Without Customer FI - Basic Functions
ABZON - Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry FI - Basic Functions
S_ALR_87011964 - Asset Balances Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
S_ALR_87011990 - Asset History Sheet Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
LP21 - WM replenishment for fixed bins Logistics Execution - Warehouse Management
AR29N - Re- and New Valuation of assets FI - Asset Accounting
S_ALR_87011963 - Asset Balances Cross Application - Cross-Application Components
ABAW - Balance sheet revaluation FI - Basic Functions
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